11 New Trending Education Business ideas with Low investment

education business ideas

Education is a key parameter in determining the level of development achieved by any country. The developments such as commerce and industry, urbanization, modernization, health sector, telecommunications sector, information and technology sector, in development of all these it’s the Education sector that holds paramount. If I were to ask you what would be the only thing that empowers you? Some may say to be police officer, doctor, teacher, government official, wealth, some may say peace of mind, etc but I will say it is the Education which is a source of empowerment. It acts just like a catalyst for most of the socio-economic problem that exists.

India has realized the potential of Education, that’s the reason that the government is encouraging and launching so many schemes for primary education, secondary education, offering scholarships and free of cost-competitive exam training, both in urban and rural areas.

Education envisages domino effect one solution in turns solve another problem and the chain goes on. This means education has not just provided literacy but also helped in solving problems like environmental concerns, hygiene, population control, health issues, unemployment, etc.

Keeping in mind, it’s multifaceted advantages Government has launched schemes like Beti Bachao, Beti padhao, revitalizing infrastructure and system in education programme, Impacting Research Innovation and Technology scheme for IITs and IIS, etc are envisaged and launched in past few years. Only to give perspective, the available data depicts Literacy rate as canvassed in census reached a significant milestone in 2011 figures at 74.04% that was significantly higher than the figures reported in the 1991 census.

Given the increased awareness of education, the education industry has made a path-breaking success. It has not only contributed toward social uplift meant but has given business opportunities to many. Saying that education business ideas have profited many would be an understatement.

I’m Going To Provide The list of 11 Education business ideas in India that has made success in leaps and bounds.

1. Daycare or Pre-school

Daycare services are meeting massive growth spurt. This is because of the increasing growth percentage of working parents. Every parent needs a day-care that look after their child in their absence. For the foundational years of the child’s life, parents don’t mind spending money for the overall developmental growth of the child. This education business is flourishing given the increased dependency of parents.

2. Coaching Classes

Tuition Classes

Joining coaching classes as additional academic support has almost become a trend. The probabilities of students who are not taking up coaching classes are very low. This is because parents, as well as students, envisage coaching classes as a sure shot guarantee of achieving good marks. These needs have made it profitable education business ideas.

3. Computer Training

Computers are ubiquitous at offices, for filling up exam forms, research work, data entry jobs, online marketing business, etc. One has to be computer-friendly to be able to survive in the present time’s workplace scenario. It serves as a value addition to your qualifications in getting a job.  Individual who is Computer savvy stave off time and energy consumption problem and increase cost-efficiency. This education business in India is on the rise.

4. Music or Dance Schools

Society has begun to realize that along with academic studies, music and dance are equally important for the overall development of the individual. Also, it is not just studies which will earn your bread. These education business ideas have managed to make it place as the scope and opportunities in the field of dance and music are unfolding. Given the various platforms, one can take it up as a career choice. Earn money while teaching these skills.

5. Driving School

You can run a driving school as a part-time education business in India. There is no paucity of people who don’t know driving. Every year, there is a sizeable population that requires learning driving skills. This made driving schools necessary. It’s a profitable business opportunity.

6. Employee training

There are many companies that want their employees to work according to the standard procedure of operation. For that they provide a training program to their employees so that they learn about safety measures to be followed, cooperation, strategizing, customer care services, time and cost efficiency, time management, keeping themselves motivated, etc for the achievement of organizational goals.

7. Fashion Design Centres

An individual will the artist’s hands, creative mind and familiar with changing trends can take up these education business ideas to earn a handsome sum of money. It is a thriving industry given the fashion consciousness of masses.

8. Martial Arts and karate classes

It is a growing education business idea in India. Many schools and colleges hire martial art and karate trainers to give classes to the students. Such classes help in boosting health and confidence. If you have the skills then why not teach?

9. Proofreading

Love grammatical policing? Then this is your domain to rule. This includes correcting the grammatical mistake of documents, articles, text, books, etc. This is a new home-based education business in India.

10. E-Teaching

E-teaching is a new age phenomenon. These education business ideas provide flexibility and convenience of time and location in its operations. Provide your teaching services to thousands of people at a time. You can start this education business by post your lectures on your online teaching website or by enrolling you with an online tutoring business.

11. Sport Training

Sports coaching

Thousand of kids aspire to become a sportsman just like their ideal in different games in sports like cricket, hockey, tennis, football. There are many sports academies that are training these sports enthusiasts. Offer your training to those thirsty souls by setting up your own academy or through some already established academy.

Above mentioned are some of education business ideas you can think taking up. Other than these, you can look for opening up a private primary or secondary school, art of living school, catering school, art and craft school, jewellery making classes, online library website, consultancy service, instrument training classes, tutoring, abacus classes, sales training, skill development centres, sewing classes, embroidery classes, yoga school, etc.