Importance of RGB in our life


Importance of RGB in our life

Colors are the most crucial part of our life as they reflect emotions, for example, we use Red to show love, sometimes to show anger and sometimes it is used in an emergency. Colors can change our thoughts and make a change in our reactions. For instance, some colors cause irritation, and some colors comfort your eyes. In our everyday life, we go across red, green, blue almost everywhere, in the traffic lights red to stop green to move. In cellphone red light is an indication for charging required and green for hundred percent charged. In security doors red is used to tell the door is locked or you have entered an invalid password, and green means you have unlocked the door and are good to go.

Do you know every color has a code behind it in computers, which is understood by us as well but it’s impossible to learn millions of color codes, so we just learn codes for solid colors like black, white, red, etc. What most of us don’t know is that there can be millions of shades created by just Red, Green, and Blue color as we learned when we were young that mixing a red with green creates a yellow tint. What we didn’t learn is that it can create so many shades of yellow by just changing the density of the red and green color.

Color Codes for RGB

RGB (RED, Green, Blue) every color has a value ranging from 0 to 255 means (0-255, 0-255, 0-255). Lower values will result in a darker color for example (0, 0, 0) is for black and (20, 20, 20) will result in dark grey whereas (200, 200, 200) will result in very light grey.

Did you know: In real life, human eyes can differentiate between more than five hundred shades of grey.

The color codes in computers are called Hex codes (Hexadecimal) and are also written as hexadecimal values followed by Hashtag. If you are a web developer then you know the importance of Hex colors because the browsers that are present in your computers or smartphones use colors make hex code with SmallSeoTools values, If we were to give every color a name it would take us ages to learn some because we cannot learn 16 million names of colors. Browsers do recognize the name of solid colors like red, green, black, white but to find a color that fits your requirement you can use different types of software on a computer or you can do it online.

Importance of Hex colors

If you want to create a website you will have to go through different color schemes and finding the right combination is really important. If you don’t use the same color scheme for the rest of your website, it might make your webpage look shabby. So the best way to choose a color is by using various online tools that can help you decide what color you should have for your website.

Conversion of these RGB colors can be done manually but it is going to take a lot of time the best way is to use the website that I will write about at the end of this post. The most important part is that these HEX colors are used by programmers as well because they have to design a whole application sometimes it is better to learn the codes of colors as that are being used over n over again instead of finding the hex code for the color again.

How to convert RGB to HEX

Small SEO Tools has all the tools you need for the conversion of colors. Let me guide you! After visiting the site, you just have to look for RGB to HEX conversion tool, which you will find by scrolling down to image editing tools. Once found, open the tool and all you have to do is adjust the bars present in the box. While finding the color of your choice, you will see the hex codes being generated in a small table in front of it, from where you can copy the codes and use them where required. Simple as that! No complicated procedure to convert RGB to Hex.