A Quick Introduction to Social Commerce

social commerce

Social commerce is a concept that is quite far reaching. To be successful at it, you need to keep a pulse on what your clients want and find ways to provide that to them.

eBay has this in the bag. They make a point of analyzing clients’ data so that they can present their customers with eBay deals that they would most likely be interested in. However, there’s a lot more to it than just offering the best deals.

eBay understands that clients are more likely to want to resolve customer service issues through social media and so it has worked on making that easier. Other large corporations, such as Amazon, are also starting to pay attention to social commerce.

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As a business owner, you should be following the suit. Social commerce is about engaging with your clients and building a relationship with them. This is done by providing them with content they find interesting and helpful.

But it goes further than that as well. You also need to help clients be more easily able to make purchases online through the channels they choose. It means looking into finding ways for clients to make purchases through social media, for example.

Did you know that around a third of consumers currently use social media channels when looking for an item to purchase? Isn’t that something worth looking into for your business?

Most social media sites have now made it possible for businesses to implement some sort of a “Buy Now” feature directly from their pages. That means that you don’t have to hope for clients to click through to your site – they make the purchase then and there.

Want to know more about social commerce? We have summed up the most important factoids and presented them in the fun Infographic below. It’s all the highlights that you could possibly want to know about social commerce, all presented in easy-to-read format.

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Social Commerce Infographic