Top 8 Solar business ideas at the low Cost in India


solar business ideas

The use of solar power as an alternative source of energy to combat environmental concerns has been metamorphosing into a tremendously flourishing business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs too.

In the race towards economic growth and development, world compromised upon the health of nature. Realization came too little and too late. The growing human-induced climate change has worsened the climate situation. Today we are witnessing frequent incidents of disastrous wildfires in California, Sweden and Greece; flood that ravaged India, deadly typhoon in Philippines, hurricane in US. Last year, that is, 2018 is reported by NASA and NOAA to be the fourth warmest year on record. These extreme weather conditions ordain devastating repercussions. If the greenhouse emission is not controlled in time then the day is not far when people, economy and ecosystem will face grave danger.

This has set the international authorities on their toes. The renewable energy sector didn’t get traction that it should have but know many signs of progress has been made towards mitigation of climate challenges. In Paris Agreement, global member laid down an action plan and made promises of action. Agreement aimed at eliminating emission by 2050. Last year, India along with France launches International Solar Alliance. It is an alliance of 121 countries that joined hands towards making dedicated efforts in promoting solar energy. There is authoritative enforcement of rules and regulation to scale up the solar energy production capacity building in the country.

Realization was better late than never, it is only wise to bring about global gas emission reduction, transformation in economy, climate adaptive measures then to shovel millions of rupees on aftermath disastrous climate calamities. Rules, regulations and measures narrate a journey towards resilience and sustainable development along with it has boosted solar business ideas in India. There are ample solar business entrepreneurship opportunities available to boost your economic health.

We are going to state some of the rising solar energy business ideas India, which are as follows:

#1. Solar- powered waste compactor bins

It solve the problem of transportation of tons of waste disposal to the landfill areas and recycling centres. Bins act as a voracious trash eaters. They compact the trash and fatten its trash holding capacity of 8 times than non-compacting bin. They are placed in public places. These bins have solar-powered battery mechanism. It is very useful and effective ideas for Municipalities in keeping the city clean. This solar energy business in India is profitable and at the same time can revitalized the swachh Bharat Abhiyan of India.

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#2. Solar farms

This solar panel business in India carries enormous potential given the country’s geographical location, lying between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. ‘Suryaputra’ as referred to sunshine countries by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the solar power energy production capacity is about 5000 trillion kilowatt-hours.

Wondering how to start solar energy business in India? Let me help. First and foremost basic requirement for this solar business is farm land that receives solar energy. No doubt that installation and leasing land requires substantial capital investment but it will be investment that will give you lifelong returns especially keeping in mind the global concerns. After that installation of ground mounting solar power plants and construction of grid system. For installation you will require experienced solar contractors. The power generated by solar energy can be sold. These are  lucrative solar business ideas. You can think of starting this business of finance is not the constraint.

#3. Manufacturing of solar power banks

Power banks or chargers powered by solar energy have enormous growth potential. With country moving towards rapid urbanization and modernization, there is hardly anyone that has remained untouched of modern technology. The use of gadgets like phone, laptop, and camera has increased.  Solar power banks aid in recharging the batteries anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to crib about switches. Manufacturing solar chargers is the best solar energy business ideas in India.

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#4. Sell Solar panel

With the conscious and aware legion of citizen in the country, there is an increase in the sale of solar panel both by households and solar power developers. It has become all the more popular because of the strong backing by the government in solar energy business ideas in India. Even the populated cities like Delhi that facing constraint of space  in installing ground mounted solar power plant is engaging in rooftop installation of solar photovoltaic using metering system. Community solar is a new trend these days. People are buying more and more solar panels because it saves your money in comparison to electricity bills that you pay. It is a best solar panel business in India.

#5. Green House farming

Want to start greenhouse farming? Sound attractive but lacks know- how? How to start a solar business in India? No problem. Green house farming involves cultivation of plants under controlled environmental conditions. This business require significant investment for construction of glass house equipped with heating and  lighting using solar energy for cultivation of seasonal crops throughout the year, cooling, water availability, computer to monitor the crop conditions. It is because of greenhouse farming that you see mangoes in the market throughout the year. This solar business is on rise. It is high in demand both domestically and internationally.

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#6.  Solar Air balloon manufacturing business

You must have heard about Pushkar international balloon festival that happens annually, Tamil Nadu international ballooning festival. Hot air balloon flight has been added to India’s thrilling adventure sports. Solar air balloon rises in the atmosphere as the air inside the balloon is heated by the solar radiations. Their flight sports are offered in Neemrana near Delhi, in south Goa and Lonavala of Mumbai. The growing craze to have a bird’s eye view, to cherish the scenic beauty of the surrounding has made it financially attractive solar business entrepreneurship opportunities. This does involve decent capital but a signal flight cost around Rs.8, 000- Rs. 12,000. You can do the remaining math.

#7. Solar Energy consultant

Backed by authoritative reinforcement of rules and regulations created for capping the fossil fuel usage, transforming into a sustainable economy by using climate adaptive measure, there is brisk solar energy consultant demand in the market. Government giving incentives for promoting solar energy usage is a bonus point. India is a hub of manufacturing industries that work heavily on fossil fuel consumption; they are the drivers of solar energy consultants in the country. The consultant job is to evaluate different business aspects and develop methods in boosting solar energy usage. Requirement to become solar energy consultant is to have in-depth knowledge in the field of solar energy. Establishing trust among your clients secures your place in the industry.

#8. Solar equipment repairing business

There is nothing in the world that is damage-proof and so are solar equipments. Presence of solar equipments created an inevitable necessity of solar equipment repairing business. The services include repairing and replacement of panels, detecting the electrical malfunctioning, repairing and replacement of inverters and panel mounting hardware. Repair business is best among many solar business ideas. They provide all kind of troubleshooting services. Repairing services are hired by all be big giant industries, small scale business firms, or an individual that has installed solar panels on their rooftops. To run this business successfully the prerequisite is practical knowledge and experience. To establish a good customer base high-quality service and budget-friendly service should be the topmost priority.