Top 11 Highly Profitable Automobile Business Ideas


automotive business ideas

The rise in demand, increased disposable income, increasing middle-income group bracket contributes towards the progress of automobile industry. Every year, millions of people get employment opportunities from automobiles manufacturing and allied services. Services ranges from low capital investment business to giant behemoth capital investment business. Automobile industry is the most dynamic and fast upward moving segment in manufacturing sector.

The automobile industry is involved the production of  Two wheelers, Three Wheelers, Four wheelers, utility vehicles, multipurpose vehicles, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Automotive industry contributed 7.1% to India’s GDP.

Let’s just look at the actual numbers.

In the financial year 2016-2017, the total production was 25,330,967 while in the financial year 2017-2018, the industry registered the total production of 29,075, 605 with Approximately about 14.78% of clear growth rate.

In 2018,

The total production of Two Wheeler’s was 23147057 and total sales were 20192672.

The total production of Three Wheeler’s was 1021911 and total sales were 635698.

The total production of commercial vehicles was 894551 and total sales were 856453.

The total production of passenger vehicles was 4010373 and total sales were 3287965.

In 2018, the sale of Two Wheeler’s grew at 14.80%, Three Wheeler rise by 24.19%, commercial vehicle by 19.94%, passenger vehicles by 7.89%.

The total exports in 2018 were 40,40,172 as compared to 34,79,169 in 2017. The export of automobile collectively grew by 16.12%.

It would be foolish of you, to not to take advantage of it, when you have huge big business opportunities right in front of you.  I am growing to present some promising automobile business ideas as you read along.

Here are the list of Top 11 Highly Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

1. Cab Service

Just like economy, middle class is the backbone of this car business idea. Largely, high growth in cab services has occurred because of the increasing middle class consumption of these services and this increased consumption is attributed to the increased disposable income of the middle-class individual. This consumption is likely to have explosive growth in the near future. If you want to make a successful business this automotive business ideas serves as the easiest business to start today. To begin with, you just need a car and if taken up seriously, you can gradually expand.

2. Car Tuning

The trends have changed. Technology has made it possible to customize your car, the way you want. Business is all about making modifications and changing the car appearance. Modifications involve front and rear bumpers, air vents, lightweight wheels, splitters, different colors or patterns, etc. Starting up a car tuning is a lucrative automobile business plan given the enormous scope in the market.

3. Window Tinting Business

Window tinting business is covering the window of vehicles with thin plastic layer in order to get protection from ultraviolet rays and scorching heat and for solving privacy issues. You need equipments like scraper, blade, tinted film, squeegees and snap knife. It is not a complex business, you can easily learn it. These are low investment automotive business ideas.

4. Battery Reconditioning Service

Knowledge and experience is important for carrying out these automotive business ideas. The job that you need to do is reconditioning the energy less battery. This business venture can work wonders if you know how to keep rolling.

5. Tyre Retail Store

Tyre business is making full throttle progress in automobile business sector. Enormous growth is attributed to the favorable manufacturing sector, demand driven and raw material availability. India features among the group of world’s topmost tyre market. The car business ideas have been able to establish its place because they are completely based research and customer insight. When you take up this business, make sure the availability of different tyres in your store and adequate knowledge about the same. This business venture is financially attractive because of its heightened demand scale in the market.

6. Car Wash Business

Car Wash Business

Car washing business is a lucrative automobile business plan. You can take it up as a part-time work. This involves minimal investment such as dusting cloth, sponge, and water only. It is a business which in high demand in urban cities.

7. Driving School

Every year there is increase in number of vehicles on the road, this implies that every year there is new bunch of fresh drivers on the road; this increased growth has led to the mushrooming of driving schools. Car business ideas like these can be taken up as a part-time work. You should have a car to start with and need to do marketing of your driving school to attract customers.

8. Food Truck Business

Ice cram business - chota business in hindi

Food truck is an new profitable automobile business ideas that are fast growing in the urban cities. You can sell ready to eat snacks, ice creams and beverages. Mobile truck services lets you reach wider crowd. You can also provide your services where huge crowd come together like near schools, college fests, market place, etc.

9. Auto Repair Business

Given the increased usage of vehicles, this automobile business has flourished in leaps and bounds. This is an evergreen business. This will only cease to exist only when the world seize to exist. Just like for humans, doctor is a necessity similarly for car, scooter, autos, buses and truck garage is a necessity. Every day they undergo some damages or the other that needs to be treated.

10. Towing Service

Towing services facilitate the transportation of damaged, abandon, rule breaker vehicles from one to another. An accident or damage can happen anywhere, it is this vehicle towing service that comes to their rescue. You can think of this automobile business plan.

11. Trucking Business

Though this automobile business requires a sound capital investment but it is highly promising in the long run. Trucking business is the facilitator in the efficient and smooth functioning of the economy. Be it agricultural sector, construction business, retail business, health sector, transportation sector, livestock business. The goods are transported from one place to another in large quantity, that’s why trucking business is important for the economy and at the same time profitable.