4 Steps to Structure Your Priorities


While doing any project, every task is a priority but still, you need to structure a framework in which you can order your priorities and high priority work needs to be done at the earliest. Now the question arises, how to structure the priorities, this is a skill that you have to achieve to accomplish your goals timely. To do the work within the given deadlines, you need to follow these steps and make your work life easier, for you and for your colleagues too.

1. Write a to-do list

Though you know everything you need to get done, still it will be beneficial if you jot down every task (even minute ones) along with its deadline, you will be able to achieve them more effectively and efficiently. This way you will ever forget to get the things done and it will help you to stick to the deadlines.

2. Identify what is urgent

After jotting down everything, look at the things needed to be done at the earliest or what is urgent, because if the work is not done as soon as possible can have negative consequences too. Prioritize the things on your to-do list according to the deadlines.

3. Assess value

Look at the leftover tasks, and spot the tasks adding the most value to the organization upon completion. You should be able to distinguish what tasks provide you or your organization with the most value.

4. Rearrange the tasks

After recognizing the work needed to be done first and the work serving the most value when completed, it is the time to rearrange the tasks requiring the most effort. The easiest manner to do this is by employing a prioritization method by Brian Tracy which focuses on your feelings towards the task.

Mark Twain says, “if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing it is probably the worst thing going to happen to you all day long”. So, with this ideology in mind, get the worst task done first.