The Benefits of Recycling When You Run an Independent Cafe

Benefits of independent cafe

Does your independent cafe recycle as much as it should? If not, you may want to up your efforts!

Recycling has become a major talking point in recent years, as governments and authorities around the world attempt to tackle the global warming and environmental crisis. Obviously, we all want to do our bit for the environment, but did you know recycling also has other impressive benefits?

Here, you’ll discover some of the great benefits that recycling can deliver.

It’s great for your brand

Did you know recycling is great for your brand? Due to the current environmental crisis, particularly involving plastics, consumers are much more focused on businesses which offer an environmentally friendly service. In fact, many choose to ONLY do business with eco-friendly companies.

So, if you’re looking to boost your brand reputation, taking part in a recycling program is really going to help. The more you build up your brand image, the more customers you’re likely to attract too. So, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

It’s great for your bottom line

It costs less than you think to recycle and could actually end up earning you more money. Companies like first mile, offer a low-cost, pay as you go recycling service.

You can recycle up to 90% of your waste. This also lowers your waste costs. Many businesses in the food and drinks industry are hit with waste management fees and they can prove to be pretty extortionate if you have a lot of weekly waste. So, if you’re looking to boost your bottom line and save on waste costs, recycling can help.

You’ll Attract New Customers

An additional benefit of recycling is the fact you’ll attract new customers. Eco-friendly customers are a huge market these days and you could currently be missing out on their business. Of course, in order to reap this benefit, you’ll need to advertise the fact that you recycle.

The government also looks favourably towards businesses which are greener. So, by recycling you’ll also potentially open your business up to new government incentives, such as funding. With this, you can focus on expanding and generating a new customer base.

Overall, recycling has many benefits. The above are just a small selection of what you can expect. Of course, the fact it’s also great for the environment cannot be ignored. We all need to be doing our bit to reduce our impact on the environment around us.