12 Profitable to start home based business ideas for housewives


business for housewife

Traditionally, housewives perform work in their own domesticated place. Work sphere that too only limited to household chores. It is patriarchy that has pushed women in between four wall of house, denied of any outside exposure. Even the things that they are capable of turns futile, all thanks to the patriarchy runs in society’s vein. But the times have changed; housewives are raising their voices and definitely have made difference and have come out in the public sphere. Housewives have made immense transformation from what it was to what it is. Now, housewives no longer remains restricted to their home, they have made a place in the business sector. Business sector has offered across the breadth of categories of business ideas for housewives. These opportunities has revved up, credited to the various socio-economic and demographic trends which has spurred trend. Educated housewife is the major trend booster. An educated lot is extremely proud of their achievements. It helps in improving the quality of lives. Educated housewives don’t just want to restrict themselves to household work but want to expand further. They are very well equipped with household issues and entrepreneurial zeal.  The desire to match up with the male folk, revved up to make themselves a wage earner. It made them socially and financially an independent lot. The desire to boost their family lifestyle helps in shaping their business outlook.

This new generation of housewives is well equipped with the entrepreneurial zeal. There are many business ideas for housewives.

Here is a list of small business ideas for housewife:

1. Book Keeping

One of the small business ideas for housewives is book keeping. It is a housewife work from home ideas in India. Housewives can manage both household work and professional tasks while staying at home. It provides flexibility of operation. Book keeper is required to maintain records, of transactions that transpired, on the system. Anyone having studied commerce with good numerical skills can take up the job of book keeping. You can either freelance your service or work for a particular company.

2. Spa and Salon

Spas and Salon

It is a good business idea for housewives in India with low cash investment. There is an ever-increasing demand for spas and salon. A busy lifestyle necessitates the need for a leisure time. People enjoy spending on enhancing their skins. This is a housewife work from home ideas in India.

3. Tutor


This is one of the small scale business ideas for housewives. You can earn exponentially well by being a teacher. Housewives are innately good at dealing with kids. Provide learning of the subjects in which you have knowledge and expertise. What can be better than business for housewife without investment. All you need is your learning of the subject and the business will spike.

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4. Fashion Designer

The skills that your mother has been most cautious about in making you learn will help making your future prospects better. It is an incredible small scale business ideas for housewives. Fashion designers are high in demand depending on the need of today’ world focusing and spending more on the way they look. It is really good business ideas for housewives in India with low cash investment.

5. Fitness Coach

Fitness trainer

This offers small business ideas for housewife. Housewives, who are fitness enthusiasts interested in helping others by making them fit can opt for this. It does require initial investment but comes with the long term returns. It is a flexible housewife work from home ideas in India.

6. Translator or Interpreter Job

All over the world, there is growing need of translator or interpreter. Work of translator is to translate information from language into another language. The translator must have the ability to jot down sentences in a way that retains the style and structure of original ideas and facts. With the growing adaptation of films, books, articles of foreign land into native language and vice versa; with the internationally connected business environment and diplomacy, the need for translator has arisen to translated reports, files, documents, etc. This allows working more efficiently and consistently. You can freelance your services while staying at home. This offers  small scale business ideas for housewives.

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7. Content Writing

Housewives having ability of weaving words together; adaptability, strong research skills, styles and  technique of communicating their ideas, organizational skills, ability to be focused and meeting up with the deadlines can take it up as small business ideas for housewife in India. You can become copywriter, manual writer, journalist, textbook writer both for digital media and print media. The job of the content writer is to generate audience-oriented write-ups on tight deadlines. This is a stay-at home business for housewife without investment.

8. Customized Gifts

Personalized gifts are a new trend. People like gifting their loved one some memorable customized gifts to celebrate joyous events and important dates. Housewives who are really make creative and thoughtful customized gifts; then it is the best business opportunity for them. You can run it from your home location. There is need to buy required equipment and supplies to begin with. When initials are done, then it’s time to market your business. Start by marketing in local market and later on expand as the business expands. It is small scale business ideas for housewives.

9. Blogging


A wordsmith and background of marketing is all that is needed to become a a blogger. You should have copy editing skills, basic Photoshop skills, ability to meet deadlines, be topic specific and have working knowledge of the online platform on which you are working. It is a responsibility of the blogger to create social media presence. It is a best business for housewife without investment.

10. Transcriptionist

The job of transcriptionist is a small scale business idea for housewives. To do well in this business, one must possess typing skills and listening comprehension. Transcriptionists create written record of audio recording, video recording, conferences and meetings. There final product should be easy to read and understand. It is a housewife work from home ideas in India.

11. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant performs administrative tasks while working remotely for the company. The work of a virtual assistant includes  providing customer service, reverting back to queries, mails of Clients and addressing to the employees queries, preparation of customer spreadsheets , maintaining online records, appointments and meetings, perform market research, booking travel tickets, etc. If you are technology-friendly, communication skills, knowledge of working with software, organizational skills and required qualification as company demands then this is the best business for housewife with no investment.

12. Proof Reader

Proofreading is the work that makes sure that the text, be it anything is without any error before it goes for printing.  Proofreading means correcting the spelling, punctuation, grammar errors, syntax, etc. The text is offered to proofreader after author, editors have done their work. Proofreading is just like anti-malware software that is specially engineered to identify, prevent and take action to dislodge or completely remove the malicious viruses. Proofreader does exactly the same job. Proofreading articles, books, magazine, newspaper, making sure numbering, headlines, and captions are correct, images are rightly mentioned. It can be housewife work from home ideas in India. You will have to be skilled in writing English language, IT- user, focused upon details. It is a lucrative business for housewife without investment.

These are some of the business ideas for housewives that you can think of, for starting your business.