Top 28 Business ideas with Low Investment: Get started in 2019

business ideas with low investment

Business is the exchange of money, services or goods in between two firms that require each other for working and their management. Sometimes they need to exchange services and goods to maintain their self. The firms can be a company, private organizations or even individuals those who are looking to make a profit. When a company indulges in trade with an individual it makes sure to sell its product at a nice price to get a maximum profit whereas the individual will try to get the best product at a reasonable price. Establishing a business takes a lot of efforts in terms of time, patience and money. A lot of investment is needed to establish big business however, there is a lot of profit-producing business which can make a lot of profit but only need a small investment and a less capital.

Business in India can be a tough and easy job at both simultaneously. The population of India which is of about 1.5 billion people makes it a very wide market. This certainly is a huge market in the world. It can be very profitable for an established business to make a huge profit from it if the market is targeted properly. Hence the business in India must be made accordingly to the target market. It makes the profit very easily. Some of the business ideas with low investment are food truck, marketing services, social media consultant, virtual assistant and so on. The list goes on. These are the business plans with very low investment and can give a lot of profit in return if done properly.

Here List of 28 business ideas with low investment that will help you start your own business:

1. Capital Investment

Capital Investment

The initial cost of setting a business is very important and it takes some time to manage it all. It’s needed to buy all the raw materials that can be used in your business or can be used to buy the land property or stuff that will be used by the business. Landmark is very important as it can directly affect the market and it’s run. There are some idea business ideas with low investment. Some of these ideas are parking space, food trucks, tester, reviewer, virtual assistant and so on. These are the ideas which require either no or very little investment but the return is very nice if one is patient enough. Some of these don’t even require a landmark or a proper place since it’s based on the internet. The internet-based services and food services are always the most profit-producing organizations and always takes less investment. Internet services are easily maintainable while food services have a good market.

2. Target market

It’s important to have an idea about your target market since it always determines your success and the turnover for your business. The wider market you target, the more is the turnover and more can be the profit. If you target an exclusive type of clientele then you are forced to sell the product at an expensive price and the competition sometimes can be too big to handle that it can fail. Internet services usually target every day now, while the food can be eaten by everyone in the world. Hence these two are the most successful business to run.

3. Social Media Consultant

Social meida -tips for successful online business

This is something that has a lot of trends right now. After all, everyone loves social media and it doesn’t seem to be dying out soon. This makes it a very expandable business shortly. Hence when one has a chance to grab an opportunity and become a social media consultant. Don’t be shy. Just grab the opportunity with open hands. After all, everyone loves social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, snap chat and so. And there is always new social media coming out day and day again. After all, it’s from the IT industry which upgrades itself every day. Learn social media tips

4. On-Demand print

A lot of people know that with modern technology one can do printing on t-shirts, posters, and even eatables. This technology isn’t very expensive and has suddenly seen a huge rise in the market recently. This makes it one of the profitable businesses. The investment is very less that is required however a good deal of advertisement might be required if the people around you aren’t aware of the services you provide. It’s not something one does every day.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This can be very profitable if you have a method to reach a lot of people. This is one using his blog, friends or contacts to promote a product or business of other companies. One does is advertising and gets paid if there are some sales of the product through your promotion. One with a blog or website makes it easier and can always get an lt of business through it.

6. Secretarial Services

These are similar to being a virtual secretary. One needs to have good communication skills and only needs to have some knowledge about computers and only will be needed to work like handling appointments, reminding them, answering emails, setting appointments and so on. The one thing that a secretory usually does. It doesn’t take a lot of investment but can take a lot of time and you get higher pay as you progress through it. It is one of the easy jobs.

7. Party Planning

If one has the party bone in him then this can certainly work for him. This one has become quite popular in recent times among the previous decade or two. A lot of people love to throw a party but they end up not having enough experience or time to organize it. They hence hire someone else, an organization or an individual who makes the necessary arrangements for the party and make sure the party goes very well.

8. Book-Keeping Services

Another business plan with low investment as one who is good with finance can certainly do this job. It’s one of the finest jobs which gives you good pay. One is required to provide services like managing financial records, calculating financial reports quarterly or annually. if you want to start this business you first need to know the golden rules of accounting.

9. Online Dating Consultant

Online Dating Consultant

This is an interesting plan to do, as a lot of people who are looking for a relationship but are either too shy or need help in finding someone. They need help in getting a start, making their social accounts. These are the field-tested strategies with the extremely low venture and can give plenty of benefits consequently whenever done appropriately.

10. Application Developer

Nowadays a firm needs to have a mobile app so people can reach it. Hence it opens up the opportunities to become an application developer if you have a piece of good knowledge about programming. One can learn application development from the official page of google developers for free. Developing apple apps needs macintosh which can be expensive. However, there are still a lot of free and easy ways to develop apps for both Android and iOS.

11. Website Developer

Website Developer

It has been around here for a while but it still is very strong in the market and will continue it’s run just like it. One can earn a lot of cash by letting others post ads on their websites. In fact, Facebook has most of its revenue coming from ads. most important things you should know why you need a website.

12. Internet Security Consultant

Internet security has been quite an issue for a while now. A lot of big companies spend millions of dollars on their network security and they keep sure that their network is secure. It affects the working and their performance for any type of services.

13. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing

With new web pages, one needs good quality graphics so that it looks stylish and attracts more people, and a website can only become stylish if it has good quality designs in it. Hence a graphic designer work is a very busy work. you must know before these tools starting graphic designer as a career about photoshop and illustrator end to end the what’s the difference between photoshop and illustrator.

14. Tax Consultant

It’s important to manage your taxes while and in time. It includes making sure that you are paying taxes on the right time but also methods to make sure that one can save a lot of tax. This is something a lot of people look for. also, know how to prepare GST tax invoice in tally ERP 9

15. Driving school

If you have a good driving skill, then you can easily teach others to drive and it’s one of the businesses that has been going for a long time since the cars hit the local market. The speculation is exceptionally less that is required anyway a decent arrangement of notice may be required if the individuals around you aren’t mindful about the administrations you give.

16. Blogger


One does visit a lot of blogs where you can find anything from travel tips to eating tips and recipes. These blog pages are usually free or very cheap costs, and they earn money by posting ads on it. Read…

17. Vlogger

Just like blogger, vlogs are nearly the same thing but it uses videos in place of written blogs making it more secure as one can see the author’s face and the revenue from ads is more.

18. Resume writer

A lot of people still find it difficult to write their resumes even if they are very skillful. This is one thing one with good language knowledge can write. It pays a lot.

19 Flipping Website

It is another method to make a good amount of money by buying a website, flipping it and making improvements and then selling it. This gives a good amount of profit.

20. Translator

One always needs a human translator no matter how good a computer translator is. It is because a human translator can convert human emotions and so on, whereas a computer translator is just algorithms and might fail at one point.

21. Baby keeping

Another one of the low investment businesses plans that is very famous and is always needed someone to help with it. It is no easy deal manage babies and it takes a certain skill, but if you like babies then you are the one certainly is going to love this work.

Always remember that is important to plan something and go for it. It’s said that an idiot with a nice plan can beat any genius without one. Hence make sure to plan things properly. At the point when an organization enjoys the exchange with an individual, it makes a point to offer its item at a pleasant cost to get the greatest benefit through the individual will attempt to get the best item at a sensible cost. Building up a business takes a ton of endeavors regarding time, persistence and cash. A great deal of venture is expected to build up an enormous business, be that as it may, there is a ton of benefit delivering business which can make a ton of benefit however just need a little speculation and a less capital.

22. Stationary

Stationery business us another lucrative business ideas in india. In these days almost in all school and colleges need stationery shop and every student needs this so this very lucrative business idea.

23. Domain Selling

in these days if any person going to start blogging he want impressive domain name according to its niche. So domain selling is a business idea in which you can earn in lakhs with little investment.

24. Canteen

Schools and colleges canteen are one of the oldest and tradition business ideas. And it is a very profitable business idea. Because almost every student need eatable things when he goes to school or college. or you can start paper plate business to sell your plate to near the canteen.

25. Juice Business

Juice business is very traditional profitable business idea in India. If any person has its own farmhouse he can earn a good income by setting a juice plant and factory and can sell its product all over India. also, you can learn food-related business ideas.

26. Solar Power

solar panel business in india

Solar business is one of the new business idea in these days. In these days there is lots of problem of electricity and to overcome it most people are installing solar panels in his homes. By selling solar products we anybody can earn a huge income.

27. Gift Business

India is a country where most festivals are celebrated in a year. Forgiving greetings to their relatives mostly people buy the gift. This is another business which can start with low income.

28. Wedding Car Decoration

India is a country where mostly wedding a planned and for the wedding mostly are decorated in bidai time. So start which this business idea is another option

So here are some interesting business ideas where anybody can earn huge income by investing low income. so excel with yourself these business ideas.