11 Most successful small business ideas in Gujarat 2019


small business ideas in gujarat

Whether it’s our prime minister, Narendra Modi or the most successful business icon of our country, Mukesh Ambani, the state- Gujarat has never failed to amaze us with the raw talent it has within it.

Gujarat is one of the leading industrial states of India which is also known as the “petro – capital” of India due to the existence of large refining setups by both private and public sectors. The state produces 30% of petrochemicals and 50% of pharmaceuticals.

In fact, Gujarat ranks up to the top in comparison to other states of India in doing businesses. It is the largest producer consisting of 35% of business in India and export around 60% of cotton throughout the world.

There are many industrial sectors in Gujarat consisting of the jewelry business, chemicals, fertilizers, textiles, dairy, and many more. Not only this, Gujarat is famous among tourists. People from all over the world, come and visit Gujarat.

We all are well aware of Gujaratis and their sharp mind when it comes to doing business. They are seen to be the best people with the mind to do business. There are many people who have established businessmen and in fact, established businesswomen.

So, here we are, with another article which would talk about the best small scale business ideas to start within Gujarat.

It is important to make a name in the world and in order to do that, we have to begin from somewhere (may be from scratch). Therefore, we are here to help you find the most suitable and best business ideas which could help you in the long run.

The 11 most suitable and best business ideas which could help to start financial career are-

1. Business of Art and Craft:

This is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat to start your financial career with. Our country, India is famous for its flavour and one of the flavour belongs to Gujarat. You will find beautiful handicrafts like the Bandhani in the state which would leave you speechless. Gujarat is also known as the ‘jewel of western India’ because of the art and craft you would find there. Starting a small scale business in this could result in profit.

2. Business of Fertilisers and Chemicals:

We all know, we need fertilisers to improve the production of crops. Since, India is an agricultural country, the distribution of fertilisers to different states contributes a large segment of money to the state’s economy. It is one of the best business idea in Gujarat which would show no sign of fading. If you have enough capital and place to start with, then you should definitely think about investing in this small scale business which could and would expand with time.

3. Fashion Designing Institutes:

This is one of the new business ideas in Gujarat. People are becoming very conscious about how they are looking and whatever they are wearing is up to on-going trend. Thus, you can start your financial career with this small scale business and could expand it in time with proper resources and men force.

4. Garment Manufacturing Business:

This is one of the leading business idea in Gujarat. In order to start your own business, you can open your own small business in this industry. Gujarati traditional wears like gaghra choli for women & girls and dhotis for men & boys are very demanding in all over the state and even in other states. So, this would be a great opportunity to start your financial career with.

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5. Clothing Material Business:

Clothing Material Business

Apart from traditional wear, Gujarat is famous for being a leading textile capital of India. A small scale garment manufacturing unit would be a good start for small business idea. Do you know that Gujarat is the third largest denim producer in the world. With proper planning and enough capital to invest with, you can start a small business unit and can earn good income in no time.

6. Vaseline Manufacturing Business:

We need creams for every skin type specially dry skin. Without creams, it is impossible for skin to remain soft. Since, Gujarat is famous for petroleum products and vaseline is derived from petroleum jelly so, a small scale business in this unit would be beneficial as it would be easy to procure raw materials for the same. Hence, this would be another best business idea to start with in Gujarat.

7. Printing and Embroidery Business:

Gujarat is known for versatile and bold colour printing colours. With so many festivals to enjoy, people love to wear different and unique patterns. Embroidered work clothes look elegant and beautiful at the same time. Printing and embroidery add value to manufactured clothes and garments. So, if you have capital to invest and men force to work for you, then you can set up your own small scale business in Gujarat and can earn good money by making attractive products by adding designs, patches etc to the products. Also, you can sell those ready to go garments in Gujarat or can export to various places outside Gujarat.

8. Food Manufacturing Business:

Food Manufacturing Business

There is no place in India where food is not unique or tasty. Each state has its own speciality and Gujarat has its own. Khandvi, Dhokla, Thepla etc that we all eat with so much interest are gujarati cuisine. So, opening a small scale business in this, would be beneficial as people love food and business idea like this in India can never fail. Also, Gujarat is a leading producer of various crops so exporting business to this could also help in making good amount of money.

9. Salt Industry:

Gujarat, having the longest coastline of 1600 km in India, offers some important resources such as salt and marine products for industries. In fact, Gujarat is the second largest producer of salt and exporter in the world. So, opening a salt industry as a small scale business would be beneficial and one of the best business ideas in Gujarat.

10. Manufacturing Papad:

This is one of the best idea to start your financial career with. Not only men but women can also start their small scale business and can earn money easily. With right raw material and hours of hard work, you can earn a good amount of money by making papad at home only. One of the famous brand is ‘lijjat papad’ which in gujarati means ‘tasty’. So, if you have capital to invest and men force who could work for you, then you can set up your own industry and earn profit easily.

11. Micronutrient Manufacturing Business:

As we discussed above, Gujarat is the hub for chemical industries. Micronutrient manufacturing business requires the right amount of raw material which can easily be found in Gujarat. So, if you are well versed with the ingredients in this manufacturing business, then you can try your luck in this new business idea which would help you in making profit. It involves an elaborate process of production, packaging and marketing and having enough capital to do all this could help you to earn money.

These are the few ideas for the people who wants to start their small businesses from scratch in Gujarat. Our aim is to educate freshers, intermediates and entrepreneurs to stand on their own feet and start their financial career with minimum risk and problems.

We hope we could help you. All the best people.