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Women Empowerment speech

We celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th march every year. With this article, we are going to talk about the important of women in our society and the need to empower them. Let’s go through speeches on women empowerment.

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Women empowerment Speech one

Right away with first wave movement in 1900s, there was a clarity that we as a women need equal importance and a right to be seen. We have always to mark our journey and tell about our existence to the world.

Empowering women all over the world specially in India is very necessary to bring gender equality. In fact, gender equality is very necessary to empower women. Both men and women need to understand the role of women in our society.

Since our country is still developing, it is important to make our country understand that patriarchal world, dominated by men can’t stand for much longer. Both men and women have to hold hands and have to work for the betterment of the country.


There is a need for men to understand that if they are the power of the country, so are women. Both are equal halves and nobody should be restricted to gender specific roles. This speech on women empowerment will work only when people out there understand it.

Men need to understand that women are as powerful as they are and they should be given fair and equal opportunities like them.

Gender equality is the first step to bring women empowerment in India without any biases. Just like women, men also need to understand their equal role in household cores and duty regarding their family.

There are so many laws regarding empowering women but none of them are effective because they aren’t followed by the people. Its not the responsibility of the Indian government only but also of the people living in the country. People need to change their opinion, mind sets towards gender specific roles. It is important that we change the way hoe everyone perceive a woman and her role. Women should be given freedom not because men are given freedom but because they have a right to it. It is important for people to understand the mindset that women are weak and cannot do anything like men but that’s not true women can do everything and even can do better than men.

Women can be physically powerful by learning martial arts,  yoga, kung fu, karate etc. as their safety measures. It will help them to be safe and to keep people around them safe. The women empowerment is a vital tool for advancing a country. It can help in reducing poverty, improving health and what not.

Since the ancient time, women are bearing enormous hardship regarding their right to existence. There are many organizations which support women empowerment and even make laws, decisions and awareness regarding it.

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Women empowerment Speech two

There is no denial that our country cannot work without the women as they are responsible for taking care of us and at the same time our country. But it is important to understand that it is not only the responsibility of women to take care of us. Men are equally important and are responsible to take care of the people around them. Then why women are kept under pressure?


Men have always wanted to dominate women in all those phases of life excluding household responsibilities. Men are made to think that they are only required to work outside the house and women are always required inside the house. But that’s not true anymore. Thanks to our women, they are constantly trying to make their name in the world.

Pick any genre of any time and you will see that women have had suffer since. With so many social challenges along with financial challenges, women were forced to be in limit in the family as well as in society. A harsh truth about women is that if they belong to minority groups and is black, then they are doubly marginalized. They face high level of exploitation, discrimination and limited employment opportunities.

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Women empowerment speech three

With women empowerment, the goal is to bring social and economic betterment of the women all around the country. The core objective is to promote women’s self-help group to make them effective and efficient. In order to bring women empowerment, lots of changes are required in women’s mobility, social interaction, Labor patterns, control over decision making and access to control over various resources.

women power

Labor patterns, control over decision-making and access to control over various resources.

Women are required to be more mobile and start interacting with the people outside the home. There should be changes in the label patterns as women too need to attend meetings and husbands are too required to look after their children and even feed themselves. These small small changes can only bring women in power which would lead to empowering women. With the women empowerment, we are not trying to dominate the world but we are trying to take a stand and be equal with men of the country. In this way, women will have new productive roles in their which may bring a huge change with time.

It is important to involve women in the intra-household work and making which may bring slight improvement in women condition in the mail headed households. We know that in India it is very tough to bring about changes but we need to move ahead from the traditions and customs of a society so that we could bring a healthier change in our society to make the world progress a little bit.

Women empowerment speech four

Women empowerment speech four

Everybody knows I heard about women empowerment through media, general discussions or seminar as it is one of the most dog and discussed social issue. But have you ever wonder that why women empowerment is a social issue?

It is important for people to understand what exactly is women empowerment. I believe that it is a mean to support and promote development for their economical as well as social development. Wide new range of employment has been opened for women in both private and government sectors ensuring gender equality in employment, promotion and opportunities which helps in raising their social status and improving their standard of living among various other reasons.

Women for centuries have been confined to the houses and add us to do the household work. This situation can be seen in both developed and under developed nations of the world barring few exceptions. No matter how successful of women is, she needs to work when she returns home from work. It is right that women should work household cores but not only them. Men are equally responsible for the same work women are asked to do. Like it is said that charity begins at home, the same thing applies to the nation. A nation can only achieve its truest social and economic development when women are not neglected rather given full freedom and equality.

We all know that our government has many laws for women but they are in need of getting into actions as they are not strictly used in the country. It is important to improve social and economical conditions of women by providing them space and equal opportunities.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “ be the change you want to see in the world.” The situations in the country will only change, when we will change.

So this was the short speech on women empowerment. If you have any questions related to speech on women’s empowerment in english then you can mention them in the comments.

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