Intent signals that may speed up B2B future sales

Intent signals

Today, MNCs like BUJUs are having job-offerings in marketing sector with higher salary packages. The reason is competitive market. Business to business sales is very complex process. Thus, requires many variables to have count with.

Sales person are aware with traditional and modern processes of marketing which includes random calling, emailing and direct jump to the available offer for the customer. This is not enough for selling. What you need, is time. Time of valuable customers.

Time is the main variable of the sales process. You cannot sell the product at times when customer doesn’t need it. It is the duty of salesman to monitor the time and need of every single customer.

B2B sales are much more difficult task to complete. As some business may require the product salesman is offering but the requirement for the same is after six months or a year. Thus, you have to keep a check on such business requirements and fulfill it now and then.

A salesman can track few intent signals to complete the sales which are as follow:

What are intent signals?

Intent in layman’s language is not just mere observation of customer to the product but its earnest and eagerness to the product. The main challenge is to channelize these signals because they are;

  1. It’s complex process.
  2. It may need real time calculations which should be predicted on machine as one cannot keep regular check manually all the time.


It is the main and foremost step towards completing sales process. A company should hire its representatives or sales employees very carefully. Thus, as on today a business requires experienced digital marketer for accomplishing such task as they are experts of this field and know about all required tools that trails the requirement of customer. This may increase your business to double.


It is the crucial milestone a company has to reach. Funding is directly related to company’s future growth as they should have much money to update their product with time and supply it in the market. Now, the question arises that how a company can acquire high funding?

  1. Company should maintain “about us” for the investor. It should be very clear and precise about the product.
  2. They should give timely updates in technology.
  3. They should promote their product effectively.
  4. Expand their jurisdiction.


A company should keep a check on the launch parties or events lined in digital marketing or service providers. This may give company an opportunity to sell its product as this is the time when the launching party may require your support and salesman will end up selling its product.

I think this article has made some things pretty clear for the companies. The signal they have to catch at times are listed above for future references.