Starting a business not easy read these tips!


Nowadays, cybersecurity for small businesses should not be forgotten. And if you’re one out of the huge pool of small-business owners in America and the greater part of Europe, then you cannot begin to comprehend how cybersecurity half-way around the globe can cause your startup an immense data security breach. To think that hackers and other cyber-attackers are only after Fortune 500 firms is wrong. It’s time to leave the mundane, and start thinking about the cybersecurity of your firm. Ever heard of internet tools like VPNs, in particular, ExpressVPN? Well, you need to start taking action to improve the cybersecurity of your small business.

Starting a business not easy read these tips!

What is a VPN? And how does it work?

VPN, is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. Simply put, a VPN is a secure tunnel between your device and the web. Therefore, a VPN is a connection channel, which adds an extra layer of security, more especially to users using public connections including at an Airport, library or in a hotel. Moreover, a VPN has client apps that can be installed on selected browsers, computers, smartphones, or on a router. And in our case, you should consider installing a VPN client on the router of your network

Once you start a VPN client, the service encrypts all the data transferred on the network, even before your local ISP sees it. The encrypted data traffic – which includes a search engine, financial statements, video chats, calls, messages, and employee data – is then redirected to a secure tunnel where it goes to its online destination. It gets better, the destination address will see your data as coming from a VPN server that you connected to – and not your actual physical location.

What are the best cybersecurity tips to practice

While cyber-attacks are often affiliated to large corporations and small businesses alike, the risk for startups is even more treacherous, considering not many possess the ability to withstand the attacks. As reported by the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses are likely to stop operations in the next half a year of cyber-attacks.

Therefore, these cyber securities may help to reduce security risks in your esteem firm:

Have a security mindset

The number-one trusted software for cybersecurity is a business-wide security mindset. Every user at your firm should always stay vigilant, and mindful of security threats. All your staff should understand the value of company data and assets. Employee mindset should also be careful when sharing personal information on social media platform and considering what to say on calls and texts as well.

Always perform Software updates

Hackers mostly use outdated software and apps to gain access to company critical information. And once they enter your network, they can do damage that could because your business to close down. As a security measure, communicate to your employees to always update company software tools and apps. Most updates come with improved security techniques that could be useful against cyber-attacks.

Practice good password management

Memorising and keeping tabs on different account passwords that run the various operations of your business can be a daunting hassle. And while most employees will be tempted to repeat the same passwords for all company accounts, it’s important you remind them of the dangers of the ill-culture. Instead, your employers should practice standard rules of creating a password – like using a mix of alphanumeric characters etc. – to make them strong. Additionally, you should opt to use password management tools to help you store different passwords safely – safeguarding you from key-loggers who might be targeting your company data.

Avoid opening unknown attachments and links

Hackers and phishers often use various click-baits like attachments, adverts or links, to lure you, before they can gain access to your company data – and once they do, there’s no stopping them. You should remind your employees to avoid opening links and attachments from unverified sources – unless they’re expecting them.

Backup company data routinely

Often cyber-attacks lead to loss of massive company data that would otherwise be saved. Performing a regular backup of your company data is crucial. And while you’re at it, ensure to have redundant storage options for the data stored. Loss of data can lead to a closure of your business if the risk is not dealt with in time. It’s assured insurance that is worth every penny in this technology advanced industry.

Use a VPN to secure your company network

After you’ve started practising all the above security tips, adding a VPN to your network is highly recommended. A VPN works by adding an extra layer of security to your business network – always ensuring that all your online activities are kept private and secure from prying eyes. A good VPN like Astril VPN will not only guarantee safety, but it’ll also give users on your network access to censored website content that could be useful to company operations. A VPN like Astril VPN also promises end-to-end encryption – perfect for P2P file sharing amongst your staff. What’s more, using a VPN on your company devices ensures that your employees will work without ever having to look over their shoulders.