15+ Best Small Business ideas to Start in Canada

Business ideas in Canada

Are you retiring from your 9 to 5 job or just prefer working from home because of various benefits? Or you want to pursue something as your additional career and an additional source of revenue? If yes, check out these wonderful options as a career. You can pursue these options as a home-based business too with much ease.

Besides ease and additional income starting a home-based business has other benefits too like you do not need to invest a lot of money and you do not need to worry about maintaining huge inventory. These types of business will not make you rich quickly or won’t turn you in a millionaire but it will surely offer you a good living and satisfaction of being your own boss.

Here list of 15+ Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Canada.

1. Marketing copywriter

This business requires experience and training. If you are capable enough to write a copy that can make people excited about purchasing what your client has to sell it is a great venture for you to enter. But if you are not highly experienced in this field you can’t make through it. You can acquire and enhance this skill by enrolling yourself in online courses or classes community colleges.

2. Solar energy Consultant

Solar energy Consultant

To be a solar energy consultant you need and experience and training and license may also be required. You can either operate this business alone or with a team that is in a partnership firm. As a solar energy consultant, you need to do the home inspection of your client to give a report to them on their solar options according to their home or a particular site. To become knowledgeable in this field you can start working in a solar products company before actually starting your own business read more.

3. Pet sitting

People love to have pets in their home but because of their busy schedule, they cannot always take care of their pet properly. So for this, they hire in-home pet-care services so that someone else can take care of their pet when they are not at home or are busy with their work. So if you are an animal lover and have enough knowledge about animals, particularly pets, then this is the right option for you to start with.

4. Delivery services

You must have been familiar with big names in the delivery industry but that does not mean that there is no vacant space for you. If you have a stable vehicle and a good driving record you can easily start this business ideas.

5. Grass cutting/ snow removal services

How many of us want to or can mow grass and remove snow of our own yard? Well most of us prefer to get it done by others for a payment. So it is a great option to start as a business. If you combine lawn care and snow removal services, you can have a viable business all year long. All you need to is have relevant skills and a little investment in equipment and tools such as power mowers, edger, etc.

6. Event planning and management

If you have strong organizational, planning, interpersonal and communication skills and can handle crisis skillfully, then this a brilliant venture for you to enter.  Stick to the deadlines and perform well and that’s enough to hit the goal. Corporations, hotels, not-for-profit and profit organizations, municipal and government organizations, everyone need event planners to plan, organize and execute their events well. Thus it may have seemed a small business to you earlier but it has vast potentials to earn a lot of money. You can specialize in organizing a particular kind of events also like festivals or wedding planner.

7. Gardening/ landscaping services

If you have good knowledge of plants, gardening techniques, and landscaping and design principles, then this is a great option for you. This is because many people love to do gardening nowadays to have quality and fresh food from their own gardens but they may run short of time to make their gardens flourish. So you can do this job for them to get a payment.

8. Starting a DJ Business


If you love music and have good music mixing skills you can opt for this option as your new business. To be a successful DJ you need to be a performing and entertaining personality. Also to be a DJ you must have the willingness to work at night when most of the gigs are. You can work as DJ in either clubs or at various events like parties and wedding functions.

9. Yoga Instruction/ Yoga Trainer

Yoga is considered one of the most popular ways to keep your body fit and energizing and that is why people are so crazy about yoga nowadays. So if you have an expertise in yoga along with good teaching skills why do you not start your own venture in yoga? You can teach yoga by setting up your own commercial yoga studio either at your own residence/building or in a rented building. You can also work as a freelancer by teaching yoga at different venues.

10. Local Tour Guide Business

If you are a cheerful outgoing personality and are living in a place where a lot of tourists come to explore your area then you can start this business. You need to have is the willingness to address and guide people and good communication skills. Also, you need to have specialized local knowledge. You need to make it a comfortable leading by chatting and guiding them to be a successful tourist guide.

11. Tutoring


Your knowledge is your treasure and now you can earn by sharing your treasure. The demand for learning at all levels is increasing in various subjects. Many people also want to learn a second or third language for different reasons and purposes. So if you have specialized and in-depth knowledge of a particular subject and have good teaching skills then you can start working as a tutor. You can give home tuitions or can start your own coaching classes at your place and in this way, you will be able to make good money by this business here check also 11 education business ideas.

12. Website developer

To start as website developer you need to have expertise in this field and to gain the expertise you can go for a course in website developing to learn the language of website creation along with all the details of it. You need to learn about each company for which you are going to design to know their proper requirements, in this way you can develop a perfect website that suits their needs.

13. Photographer business


Possibilities as a photographer are endless and you can cave in this business as much as you are willing. You need to have expertise and training to start with it. You can specialize in any one area or you start this business by taking photographs of many niches. There are endless niches you can explore for photography.

14. Music lessons

Are you good at singing enabled with good teaching skills or are you good enough at playing musical instruments? If yes then you can go for it, you can be a music teacher at an institute or in a school or college. You can also set up your own business by start taking music lessons at the student’s place or at your own place.

15. Hairstylist

Hairstyling is a quite popular and lucrative business for today’s generation. If you have great skill in hairstyling you can go for this business. You can either open your own salon or can just work from your home.

16. Consultant

You need to have something for offering something to others. You need to have expertise in something to market yourself as a consultant. You can charge a consultancy fee for your precious advice. You may have got a lot of experience by working in a particular area for years that you can use it by preventing others from doing the same mistakes.

17. eBay selling

If you have produced your own products but are short of capital to open your own outlet to sell it then it is a great platform where you can sell your products worldwide without opening your own stores. This is because your products will be shown on the eBay online store and that is how you will able to sell our products at ease and make profits.

18. Home energy auditor

Everyone is looking for saving on their utility bills. You can help them out by providing them with a complete audit of their residence or office and advising them of the ways through which they could accomplish real savings in heating, cooling and electrical use. You need to have experience and training in this field to start a career in this field.

Hope you have liked our ideas and it may help you to earn bucks with greater ease. Get also new update on the business started in Canada click here.