Sindhuja Rajaraman

Sindhuja Rajaraman, India’s youngest CEO and a successful entrepreneur

Chennai born entrepreneur Sindhuja Rajaraman, at the age of 14, had become the youngest CEO in the country.
Priyanka Kanwar

Priyanka Kanwar’s fintech startup, Kite

As a young adult, Priyanka Kanwar accustomed mirror on what she enjoyed doing each day and what may change into her life’s mission.
Kallos’ Priyanka Agarwal

Kallos’ Priyanka Agarwal, the prodigy entrepreneur

Priyanka Agarwal is the lady behind the famous personal care cosmetics brand “Kallos”. She was twenty years old when she conceived this idea.
Manisha Girotra entrepreneur

The Journey of Manisha Girotra: A successful entrepreneur

Read this article to read the laurels and tussles of life of Manisha Girotra. 46-year-old post-graduated ,being a gold medallist from DSE, DU
Ankita Shroff

The dreams of Ankita Shroff: A young Pune entrepreneur

Ankita Shroff, a 26-year old entrepreneur and founder of SAV Chemicals Private Limited in Pune says that she believes diversity plays a big role.
Success Stories of Entrepreneurs

9 Success Stories of Entrepreneurs 2019

With this post we going to share the success stories of indian entrepreneurs who face challenges while starting their business.
Hacker earth - how to set up startup in india

How to Set up a startup in India, straight out of college?

There are many entrepreneur who are looking for the ideas to know how to set up their own startup in India. Here is the story of IIT-Roorkee students Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash. These college mates together had been building a software system HackerEarth..
Do you want to become an entrepreneurial expat_1

Do you want to become an entrepreneurial expat? This is what to do

Maybe you never planned to start your own business. You’ve always loved the world of business, but that’s about it. Many entrepreneurs start a business..
Tips for Starting a Cafe

Tips for Starting a Cafe with No Experience

So you just got an incredible idea of opening up your very own coffee shop. You have this amazing concept going on in your mind and you’re pretty confident.
Casuals, contractors or labor hire workers which is better

Casuals, contractors or labor hire workers: which is better?

If you need help in the workplace it can be difficult to know how to hire the right person for the job. The problem is that the traditional hiring process