Top 21 Small Scale Business ideas in Punjab

Person who is looking for small scale ideas to start your own business in Punjab then you are at the right place. We have listed here 21 different types of small businesses which you can do in Punjab. In all of these ideas you don’t need a large capital.

The opportunities in Punjab are growing day by day and you can take advantage of it by creating your own small business without investing lot of capital in it. There is much different type of businesses that you can try and there is a very less chance that you would be unsuccessful in doing the same.

Here is the list of Top 21 of Small Scale business ideas in Punjab

1. Bakery Business

Punjab is a state which has a huge production of the crops and you can take great advantage of it. There are many two ways in which you can start a bakery business in Punjab.

The first way in which you can establish a bakery business is by setting up a retail store and selling freshly baked products to your customers from the store of yours.

The second way is you can try to establish a large scale business of Bakery by providing bakery items to retailers.

If you work with a proper planning you can make a good business out of Bakery and it is one of the most profitable businesses which you can start in Punjab.

2. Business of Toothpaste Production

Toothpaste is an item which you would be able to find in each and every household. There are many two ways in which it is manufactured that is clear gel and abrasive paste. If you are successful in setting up a small company of production of toothpaste then you can make a great business out of it.

The profit margin in this business is also very good as compared to all other businesses that you can start with a very low investment.

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3. Garment Manufacturing business

Each and everyone wear clothes and you can start a business in garment manufacturing. You can create different types of garments according to the choices of people and make a great business out of it.

If you are successful in providing good clothes with good quality at a reasonable price then there is quite a good chance that you will be able to make good business.

People in Punjab or not very brand centered and you can sell a piece of cloth with your own branding in small market regions to the retailers. If your product does well in the market then the retailers will contact you in future for more production.

4. Aluminum foil business

Aluminum foil is a product which is used in each and every household for packing food items so that they can be kept warm. Everyone uses Aluminum foil nowadays and it is a product which is not very branded centered as well.

You can manufacture your own aluminum foil and sell it into the market to the retailers or you can even become a retailer and sell it to the customers as well. The profit margin in this business is also very good and you can and a lot of money by doing this business.

The investment you need for doing this business and also not too much as well.

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5. Flex printing business

If you have a good knowledge of software’s where you can create designs for People then you can try to do flex printing business in your locality.

There are many small retailers as well as small businessman who want to promote their business by creating advertisements on flex.

The costing here is also very less if you are successful in getting large scale orders from your customers and you can make good money by doing this business.

You don’t even need a large amount of investment to do this business as well.

6. Candle making business

There are many regions in Punjab where electricity is not coming 24/7. In those regions still candles are used and the sale of candle is also very high as well.
You can start your own manufacturing of candles and sell it to retailers in the market and make a good business out of it.

The demand for candles is also high and if you are successful in providing good quality candles to your customers then you can make a good profit out of this business.

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7. Bed sheet design

Bed sheet is an item which is used in each and every house and used by everyone. You can start your own manufacturing of bed sheets or even open a retail store where you can sell bed sheets.

If you are successful in manufacturing good quality bed sheets which are different from all the other bed sheets that are available in the market already then you can make a good business out of it and the profit margin is also very good in this business.

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8. Automobile Repairing Business

Punjabis love automobiles and they take care of their vehicles a lot. You can open a store where you provide repairing services to your customers of automobiles. You can also provide repairing of tractors with vehicles as you will find attractive in most of the houses in Punjab.

It is obvious that people will need time to time services and repairing for their vehicles and you can take the opportunity and provide them those services at good prices and make a good business.

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9. Automobile Modification business

Saying that Punjabis are not shaukeens is a completely wrong phase as they do love to spend a lot on their vehicles. You can provide different types of cool modifications to your customers at reasonable prices and make a good business out of it.

If you are successful in providing really cool modifications to your customers then you can earn a lot of money by doing the same.

10. Become an internet provider

There is a lot of growing demand with time of Internet and you can take the opportunity by turning out into an internet provider.

The growth of the internet is extreme and becoming an internet provider would be a great choice if you are good at Technologies.

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11. Mobile repairing shop

Nowadays each and every person uses a cell phone and that to a smartphone. You can do a small course of mobile repairing and start your own business.

This is a type of business which is in Trend and one of the most successful businesses that you can try for sure.

12. Seed production unit

Main reason behind significant growth of these business ideas in Punjab is that with the multiplying population rate, the demand for food has exponentially increased not only domestically but globally. To which, Seeds makes the prerequisite requirement for production of any crop.

The plants seeds that ensure the continuity of particular species of the crop is not enough to supply emerging demand, the production of seeds supplement those numbers. The only thing that you have to pay attention to is to certified seed production license. Seed production can be started as small scale business in Punjab with high profitability rate.

13. Textile mill

Under the aegis of the Green Revolution, the rich land of Punjab regurgitates tons of cotton and still yielding. It has given a major boost to the textile industry. More than 50% of cotton and cotton made products are exported outside the state as finished textile products like bedsheets, shawls, curtains, knitwear, cushion covers, etc.

Setting up textile mills presents, profitable business ideas in Punjab. With the robust infrastructure, proper road connectivity and a strong supply chain are conducive for the successful implementation of these business ideas in Punjab.

14. Livestock feed production

In our country, Punjab is one of the leaders in the production of milk, dairy products and meat production. It is not only used domestically but supplied outside.

For the increased and improved quality of productivity, it becomes important that livestock get nutrients enriched food supplements. The profit margin is significant making these business ideas in Punjab a bankable business. Do the necessary research before jumping into it.

15. Milk distribution business

Proper road connectivity, robust infrastructure, huge and availability of milk and milk products make conditions conducive for distributorship opportunities in Punjab.

Initiate this small scale business in Punjab by conducting research and find a potential market and distribution centers, contact local tea vendors, restaurants, hotels and thereafter make a strong supply chain.

These distributorship opportunities in Punjab offer lucrative opportunities given the population of Punjab inclined towards enormous milk and milk related products consumption.

16. Cement dealership business

India features among the global leaders in terms of cement production. Also, the skyrocketing demand for infrastructure development has led to the growth of cement production in leaps and bounds.

Given the prosperous scenario, it is wiser to start cement business dealership opportunity in Punjab. For this, you need to buy the right for using a particular company’s product, decide about the type of cement, storage space and decent capital investment.

17. Food and Beverage Distributor

People have grown accustomed to consuming packaged snacks, drinks, juices, chocolates, oil, noodles, coffee, and other food products. Also, Punjab houses so many retail shops, hotels, and restaurants in the vicinity, and especially increasing dhabas on the highways, provides profitable food and beverage distributorship opportunities in Punjab.

You can create your own distribution network or become a wholesale dealer for a particular company.

18. Organic farming

Giving preference to naturally grown food products is a new age phenomenon. The rising disposable income, urbanization and grown sensitivity toward health consciousness have spur demand for consumption of chemical-free products. It has great demand in Punjab as Punjab is often called Pensioner’s paradise, forming a legion of conscious consumers.

The organic food is sold at higher prices than the conventionally grown food crops. You can either begin organic farming if you have the practical knowledge and finances or it also presents distributorship opportunities in Punjab by acting as middlemen between the farm owner and the potential customers.

19. Food Processing Business

Mostly ever food product went through multiple stages of processing before it is finally offered to the customer. For example, when wheat is entered into the processing unit, cleansing is done to remove impurities, segregation of wheat grains according to its quality, then wheat is a grinder and packaged and send into the market.

Starting processing units required knowledge, machinery and strong supply chain network of raw material. It does require significant capital investments but the growth prospects are considerably higher. These offer new business ideas in Punjab.

20. Aromatherapy business

People have begun shifting their preferences to things and products that produce fruitful results while being natural. In the field of medicine, aromatherapy acts as catalyst in facilitating enhancement of mental and psychological health, as a natural stress buster and improves your physical performance. With growing health concerns, these new business ideas in Punjab offer a profitable opportunity.

You can start this small scale business in Punjab from your home ground. If you have the knacks of this business then go for it.

21. Micronutrient Production

Particularly, these business ideas in Punjab falls under the shadow of Government and as an effect, proper compliance with the government rules and regulations and obtaining multiple license from local authorities for manufacturing is mandatory. After that proper installation of machinery, raw material, manpower is required.

For succeeding in this business, you need understand the problems that farmers encounter and then provide product that solve their problem. To promote you business, provide educational lesson regarding fertilizers usage to farmers.


There are many new business ideas in Punjab which you can cry for sure and Create a small scale industry in Punjab phone yourself.

I don’t this article was helpful to you and if you have any suggestions in you can mention them any comments down below and if you have any questions then you can mention them in the comments as well.


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