15 Best low investment business ideas in Bangalore

business ideas in bangalore

The city of Bangalore has done wonders in numerous fields as never been done before by any other city in the country. There is a multitudinous array of business in Bangalore in which the city has spurred the growth. Its economic prosperity has attracted people from within as well as across boundaries. The city of Bangalore houses third-largest high- net worth individuals. There are many low investment business ideas in Bangalore that are running successfully and are making exponentially income.

Here, I am going to present a list of 15 best profitable business ideas in Bangalore to kick start your business journey.

1. Brewpub in Bangalore

Bangalore excelled in the craft of brewery. Brewery involves production and selling of beer. The commercial brewing has picked- up the pace. Especially city like Bangalore achieved fame all over the world with its famous brand like Amrut whiskey brand and the world largest brand kingfisher originated in Bangalore. This is the best business in Bangalore because the city has a sizeable youth population and disposable income.  It has been recorded by the All India Brewer Association that in 2015, the Bangalore consumed 7.8 crores liters of beer and reported that it is likely to arise in future. Just like Goa, Bangalore is an ideal place for brewery business.

2. Consumer Good

There are rarest of rare chances that you haven’t heard the name of legendary Kisan jam? It is this city that pioneered its production. If you have the best Ideas of any consumer-related good in mind which can give a neck to neck competition to other products in the market and If money is not the issue, go for it. These provide the best business opportunities in Bangalore. But if you are looking for small business ideas in Bangalore then you can learn from Zivame online commerce company, this way you don’t have to maintain a large infrastructure requirement and huge labor you can set up a small business at your home as well and trade it online.

3. Handicraft Shops

As the city receives huge foreign and domestic footfall, the possibility of running this business successfully is huge. To ensure greater sales, you need to set up your handicraft shop near a tourist destination or market place that receive huge crowd. These are the small business ideas for Bangalore.

4. Career counseling

There are many prestigious colleges and diverse institutions of excellence in the vicinity of Bangalore city like Indian Institute of Bangalore, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Statistical Institute, National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, National Law School, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, etc provide a pool of opportunities to students and job seekers. Choosing the right course of studies play a key factor in determining career success as well as work satisfaction. Business ideas in Bangalore like Career counseling are making spurring growth.

5. Travel agency

travel agency

Travel agency contributes a lot in making a hassle-free journey. The travel business is making a roaring success these days. People no longer take the tension of booking their tickets and planning their trip. If the dots on the maps make sense to you then an aspiring enthusiast can make the living out of it by investing in this small business ideas in Bangalore. You can start this business from your home place or by tying up with established agencies. You can make tons of money from this business venture.

6. Coaching Centres

Tuition Classes

With many educational institutions concerning the diverse field and sizeable mass of students readily available has made running a coaching centre, the best business to start in Bangalore. Small business ideas in Bangalore like starting a coaching centre is the best business in Bangalore. It is the most profitable business that can be run from home, only things that you need to do is to advertise your coaching centre. you must read some New Education Business ideas

7. Grocery Stores

Grocery Store

You must have seen the Shahrukh Khan doing promotional advertisement of Bigbasket. Many such online grocery stores like zopper.com, zip now.com. Anything that saves time and energy is high in demand. Also, the percentage of people using online selling platforms has increased over a period of time. Given today’s scenario, this business carries huge growth potential. You can also set up your grocery store with the minimum budget also. Not everyone has to hire big celebrities to promote your brand. The only thing that matters is the quality product and there is no paucity of quality product shoppers. It offers new business ideas in Bangalore. May you also know grocery stores called in Hindi as Kirana store read more about…

8. Flower business

Around 70% of the total export of roses happens by Bangalore. According to the statistics, Bangalore is the largest exporter of roses in the country. To keep the graph climbing up, one must possess knowledge of soil science, climate, weather conditions, fertilizers, chemicals, plant diseases, weeds, pest, and prevention methods. You can also a thing of growing roses if you possess the necessary knowledge. You can grow it at your own farmland. These offer big business opportunities in Bangalore.

9. Blogging


Blogging means ‘Word on mind is a word online’. This is all you have to do. It is a financially attractive small business in Bangalore. Anyone can take up blogging if you believe in the power of words. A student, a teacher, doctor, scientists, housewives or anyone can take it up as a part-time business in Bangalore. Choose the topic of your choice and grab eye-balls. This will earn you a huge amount. This is growing small business ideas in Bangalore dominantly among students and housewives.

10. Organic Food services

One who has an interest in organic farming can use this interest or hobby into a list of profitable business ideas. As people are growing more and more conscious above organic food benefits, they don’t mind paying a bit extra. This is the best business to start in Bangalore because of the large awareness among the community of people residing in the city. Set up a store online and promote it on social media. You can increase these sales by providing free delivery services to your customers read also how you can startup food business.

11. Online Course

The education industry has open many opportunities with the advent of digitalization. One of them is online courses. The teaching takes place in the virtual environment. This means that the teacher spread its knowledge by making lectures and post it on their channel. It is beneficial for both the teacher and the student. As for the teacher, it provides the flexibility of time and location.

He or she can make these lectures according to their convenience at the same time the profitability is assured. For the students, it is helpful because it provides the advantage of self-pace lectures. A student can view lectures repeatedly anytime and anywhere. You can start this small business in Bangalore with a wider reach and substantial profits and you must read also 47 Small Business Ideas in India.

12. Real estate

For buying and selling of house, real estate agent is the key. They help in facilitating the transaction between the buyer and seller of the property. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2017, around 87% of the property is purchased through a real estate agent. This trend is climbing up each succeeding year. The significant money is made by a real estate agent. They receive money the form of commission for services rendered. The commission amount includes a percentage of the property’s value. Real estate agents provide good business opportunities in Bangalore as more and higher-income earners are settling here given the city’s economic productivity.

13. Paying Guest services

As the topmost students, as well as job seekers, flock in Bangalore because of the presence of eminent colleges and for career growth prospects, accommodation is the basic necessities. Anybody who is coming in Bangalore needs a place to stay; this inflow has created profitable business opportunities in Bangalore. If you live in Bangalore and have ideal space then why not provide paying guest services? Without doing anything, you will receive a passive income every month.

14. Direct Mail Service Consultancy

This is an idea which is a product of Information technology. Direct mail service is just like a courier service. Just as the product will be delivered to its actual recipient, in the same way, mail services directly deliver the printed piece that needs to be promoted to its targeted audience. It is a marketing strategy employed by many companies that are demand-driven. People hire these consultancy firms to establish their brand name and to get a quick response from the audience. These are new business ideas in Bangalore in which companies are ready to invest. You can start this business from your home location with no capital investment except a computer with internet service and read also 17 Zero Investment business ideas.

15. E-commerce Consulting

The new business ideas in Bangalore like E-commerce consulting firms carry highly profitable business ventures keeping in mind the future growth potentials when more and more business firms will be making their presence on the online platforms. E-commerce consultant is experts that provide their specialized services in all matters relating to the online business like blogging, online marketing, advertising, promotion, branding, search engine market, etc. In Bangalore city, this business will grow in leaps and bounds as the city is also named as ‘byte city’.

I have done my job by listing some of the excellent business opportunities in Bangalore, now it is upon you to make a castle of the notes. Secure bounty-full income from these best business in Bangalore.